Preview up to 3 arrangements. 

Preview charge is $3 per arrangement. Send NO MONEY upfront.

We will send you an arrangement(s) sample with notice that licensing is “pending”.

After reviewing the selected arrangement(s), please decide to either “keep” or “discard”. If you wish to “keep” the arrangement(s), please contact us for billing and clearance to legalize your use of the arrangement. Your $3 preview fee is converted to “document handling” and will still be a part of the overall cost.

If you decide to “discard” the piece (i.e not use it in performance), contact us and inform us that you will discard the sample copy (wastebasket or shredder is appropriate).

You will owe only the $3 “preview” charge for that service.

The arrangement is sent “on preview” with the understanding that if accepted by the customer, that the legal use of the music is subject to licensing by the publisher. This is particularly applicable with newly commissioned works. For existing arrangements, this aspect is usually covered in the per copy fee for the arrangement, but any initiated licensing not covered in the per copy fee plus all arrangement fees will be the ultimate responsibility of and paid by the customer requesting the arrangement service.