Ordering Information

We have “voice-recorded” (notes and words), part- predominant
MP3 tracks completed for most all of my most popular arrangements.
(if not recorded, we can have them done in under 10 days)

You can now order part tracks with your arrangement order in one easy click in the  “Arrangement Store”. Category lists and a
search feature help you find any arrangement.

Order you arrangement and part tracks at the same time.
If you change your mind and order just the arrangement,
you can always come back and get the part tracks later.
One-Stop-Shop!     Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We can record your arrangement by another arranger.
Send us the chart and we’ll send you the finished product.
We have growing list of Part Tracks (Music of Other Arrangers).

Customer is responsible for procuring a mechanical license for the tracks you order. If you order a set of tracks for your quartet the cost is $0.091 X 9 cuts X 4 copies = $3.28

For a chorus of 50 the cost is $40.95
Contact the Harry Fox Agency for details.

The Harry Fox Agency
601 West 26th Street
Suite 500
New York, NY 10001

Shopping Cart is easy to use...
-Add and remove items.
-Clear the cart and start over!
-Adjust # of copies you require
-Recalculate totals.
-Navigate back to shopping for more items.
Secure Check Out (link is at left-side of order screen).

Listen To Samples

Listening samples are attached to our arrangement titles.

[Arrangement Title]


Order Arrangement and Tracks

You can now order (with one click)

-Arrangement Only
-Part Tracks Only
-Arrangement and Part Tracks

If there is a sample for your arrangement, the part tracks have been recorded and will be included with your arrangement order
@ $99.95
(larger works will be a little more).

If there is no sample for listening, we can record your tracks upon receipt of your order within about 10 days or less.
(Depending on the arrangement will confirm the price with you, prior to recording, usually $130-150 for a new recording.

 If you have questions, use our handy
Email Us page for a quick  response.